Visit North Shore Nursery School

90 Plandome Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
Tel: 516.365.7244

Registration is now open!!

Health & Safety


The health and safety of the children is our highest priority.

Please remember we are a NUT-FREE school. Even foods made in a plant that makes foods with peanuts or tree nuts are not safe! Please read all labels carefully before sending any snack into the classroom!

All children are required to be fully immunized according to NYS regulations for registration.

Please help us keep germs to a minimum. Please teach your child to cover his/her nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. Children should also know how to use a tissue and blow their nose. All children, even 2 year olds are able to understand. We teach this in class, but it must be reinforced at home.

Please keep children home whenever they show any of these symptoms: red or discharge from eyes, running nose, coughing, headache, stomach ache, chills or fever, sore throat, or any cold symptoms. See the attached link for guidelines to keeping children home from school.

For more information on when to keep sick children home from school, click here.

Safety and Security Procedures for Parents

  Parents are asked to provide all information requested in the Interview Form, as well as any additional information that might help teachers to get to know your child quickly.

  Health forms must be complete including Dental Exam info.

  Orange cones must be put in place at both ends of breezeway at 9:30 AM. If a parent arrives late to drop off a child, please park on the street or in an unnumbered spot in the lot. The cones may not be moved after 9:30 AM.

  Parents are asked to call the school at 365-7244, or email if child will be absent on any day.

  Please keep the front of building clear of strollers. These may be left in the corner next to the white fence at the entrance.

  Tables need to be cleaned before and after snack is served.

  Adults must always wash hands before handling snacks.

  Packaged snacks provided for the children should be unopened.

  Parents must always use gloves while serving food.

  Participating parents are expected to be extra eyes and ears to safeguard each child throughout the day.

  When children are moving from one area to another, one adult is always at the head of the line, one in the center and one at the rear.

At dismissal, parents should stay with cars on line. No idling please. Teachers will bring children to you.


Traffic Flow

It is important to remember that we are dealing with small children who cannot always be hurried along. Things happen at the last minute and there will always be delays. However, there are some things we can all do to help manage drop off and pick up safely and efficiently. It takes everyone’s cooperation to make this work smoothly.

At Drop Off:

Everyone enters the property from George St. and follows the arrows through to the gate of the playground. There is one way traffic through the breezeway at all times. Teachers are ready to start receiving children at 9:15.

Please proceed to entrance under the breezeway where a teacher will meet your child.

If your child needs you to walk him/her into class or is reluctant to go with the teacher, you must drive through, park on the street and bring your child in.

At Pick Up:

  Everyone enters from George St. onto the line.

  Everyone must stay in their car ready to move up. The teachers bring the children to the first four cars at dismissal. Do not get out of your car until you see your child. Your car should be turned off. NO IDLING IS PERMITTED ON CHURCH PROPERTY. You must then be ready to buckle your child into the car seat. Teachers are not permitted to do this.

If you need to speak with the teacher, please ask her to call you. Conferences at this time of day are not appropriate and understandably will cause delays.


Please note that the unnumbered spaces in the parking lot are allotted for staff parking and participating parents only. Numbered spaces are never available for our use. If you choose not to get on the Drop Off Line or Pick Up line, you must park on the street and walk your child in to the building. Traffic cones will be placed back in the breezeway after 9:30 A.M. to insure children’s safety when coming and going from the playground. In addition, you may not stop in the circle in front of the Church at any time.