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Snack Suggestions

We would like to introduce more variety into the snacks offered to children. Thank you for your consideration of the following:

On the day that you participate you are responsible for the snack for the class. Parents who do not participate on a regular basis are also expected to supply snack one time per month. Please bring in a large bottle or cartons of 100% juice, milk, or water. No juice “drinks” which contain mostly sugar are permitted. Please bring enough snack, cups and napkins for every child and adult in the group. No snacks with nuts or nut oil are permitted.

In our effort to “Go Green”, we ask that you avoid waste by giving children small portions, with the option to have seconds if wanted. Try to avoid individually packaged snack items where possible and recycle. We are teaching children to save the planet by our example. Only unopened packages may be brought to school to serve our children. Parents and teachers must use gloves when handling any food item that children will eat.

Sample snacks may include:

CheeseGraham crackers

Bagel halves with cream cheese, butter

Muffins (small)

Fruit salad


Bread sticks


Banana bread

Pumpkin bread


Apple sauce

Cheerios & milk

Apple slices




Orange slices


Rice cakes